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clearing brambles at Exile Villas

Inherited a patch of brambles when we bought Exile Villas in 2012. Now the wedding's out of the way I'm turning my mind to other matters. So; the brambles have to go. They're strangling everything else. Winter's a good time to get rid of them. The ground's hard and the plants are dormant. A struggle to get the roots out in places, because they like to come through from next door. Strong weedkiller is a last resort, but likely to be necessary in spring once they start growing again.


AR-5 veneer detail


More AR-5 photos

Replacement woofers, tweeters


New Speakers

Acoustic Research AR-5s. Currently undergoing stringent testing at Exile Villas.


i have so much to tell you

I fear if I try to tell you everything at once it will come out a jumbled mess. I'm so out of practice at this that it's actually physically painful to get these words out.

In my university days, and a few years beyond, I had this mantra: pick up the pen and start again. Pick up the pen and start again. Over and over until the thing was done. But it's been so long.

I'm currently listening to Systems/Layers by Rachel's. It is an excellent album, a lovely autumnal accompaniment to my life right now.

Did you know that the English used to say Fall, not Autumn? Autumn is a modern word. I never knew that until recently. It's my favourite season by far.

I hate the iPad keyboard with a passion. It's useless for anything except sticking your status into Twitter or Facebook or whatever. This is not a creative tool. It's a consumptive tool. Created to help you spend money.